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A Gluten Free Lifestyle

Over a year ago, I purchased a book about the popular gluten free diet trend. While reading the book, I was astonished to discover some of the researched medical benefits of eating gluten free foods. After some deliberation, I decided to opt for a gluten free lifestyle myself. In the beginning, this process was difficult. Then, I discovered the many gluten free items available in one of my local grocery stores. This particular store offered gluten free bread, pasta, cookies, and even pretzels. I was overjoyed that I could continue eating some of my favorite foods while adhering to a gluten free diet plan. On this blog, you will discover several gluten free options of your favorite foods available on the market today.



When Is It Time To Serve The Champagne At A Dinner Party?

Champagne isn't just for special occasions. In fact, it can be consumed by a solo person when they need a little bubbly. For many people who throw dinner parties, the go-to drink is wine rather than champagne. When you want to serve something a little different at your dinner party, there are an array of champagnes you can turn to. As a host, you have the responsibility of making sure everyone is happy. Part of this means knowing when to serve the champagne at your dinner party so that your guests enjoy it more. There is a lot to having champagne including picking it out, pouring it, and serving it. Here are some things you should know about providing champagne to your guests. 

Champagne vs. Sparkling Wine

Many people may pick up sparkling wine out of mistake instead of choosing champagne. This can be confusing since a lot of sparkling wines can be called champagne. The difference is that champagne is made in the Northeastern region of France. Other wines are made in other parts of the country. Another difference is that champagne is aged for years before being sold unlike wines that can be aged for months. You want to do a little background research (with companies like Pacific Wine Merchants) to make sure you are choosing champagne and not wine if that is your preference. 

Personal Preference

Choosing the flavor is more of a personal choice rather than trying to get what everyone likes. Because everyone has a different preference, it is important to buy what you like. Even if a person has never tried it before, they may end up loving it after it is served at your dinner party. You can choose from dry, sweet, and semi-sweet champagne. You want to take into consideration the type of food you are serving when you select the champagne. 

Champagne and Food Pairings

If you select a more intense champagne with a dry taste, you will likely want to serve it with a heavier meal like ham, chicken, or stews. For a rose champagne, you can serve it with lamb or fruity dishes. For more classic champagnes, this is better served with oysters, scallops, or even lobster. Serving the champagne with the right foods will help bring out the flavors in the drink. Your guests will likely enjoy it more and see that you put in a good amount of effort to get the pairing right.