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Two Amazing And Easy Recipes Using Kosher Dill Pickles

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Kosher dill pickles are a great idea for a refreshing snack. They also make a very tasty addition to sandwiches and burgers. However, if you find yourself getting tired of the same old pickle combinations, you can try one of these delicious recipes which take a simple pickle and make it amazing. Grilled Cheese A grilled cheese by itself is great and delicious, but adding some kosher dill pickles will give it a nice kick. Ingredients: Sandwich bread Cheddar cheese Kosher dill pickles Butter Begin by placing a skillet on the stove over medium...

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Tips For Making A Good Impression The First Time You Meet Your Girlfriend’s Parents

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Embarking on a relationship is an exciting time where you are able to get to know another person on a deep level, and develop strong romantic feelings for her. When things get serious, there is a good chance that your girlfriend will ask you to meet her parents- this question strikes fear in many men, but don’t let your anxiety keep you from presenting your best self. Use the following tips to make a great impression the first time you meet your girlfriend’s parents: Don’t Walk in Unprepared When meeting your...

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