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A Gluten Free Lifestyle

Over a year ago, I purchased a book about the popular gluten free diet trend. While reading the book, I was astonished to discover some of the researched medical benefits of eating gluten free foods. After some deliberation, I decided to opt for a gluten free lifestyle myself. In the beginning, this process was difficult. Then, I discovered the many gluten free items available in one of my local grocery stores. This particular store offered gluten free bread, pasta, cookies, and even pretzels. I was overjoyed that I could continue eating some of my favorite foods while adhering to a gluten free diet plan. On this blog, you will discover several gluten free options of your favorite foods available on the market today.



How To Make Freezer Blueberry Jam

If you just picked up 20 pounds of blueberries and are interested in making jam with these berries, you can do so without having any canning equipment at all. The type of jam you can make is freezer jam. Freezer jam is not hard to make and requires no special equipment. Here is a great recipe you can follow for making your very own blueberry freezer jam. Ingredients You Will Need Read More 

Two Delicious Chicken Recipes to Make with Specialty Chicken

When you purchase high-quality, pasture raised chicken, you don't want to cover its natural flavor with heavy sauces and seasonings. Instead, you want to enhance its flavor with a little light seasoning, and let the true flavor of the tender meat shine through. Here are two simple recipes to make with your specialty chicken. Rosemary and Garlic Grilled Chicken The fresh flavors of rosemary and aromatic garlic com together to give this grilled chicken just enough character to liven up your taste buds. Read More 

Five Tips for the First-Time Oolong Tea Brewer

If you're new to loose-leaf tea and are preparing to brew an oolong, it's important to realize that the way you brew the tea will have a notable impact on its flavors and overall appeal. To ensure your oolong is as enjoyable as possible, follow these brewing tips. Make sure your water is between 180 and 190 degrees F. A lot of beginner tea brewers make the mistake of simply pouring boiling water over their tea leaves. Read More 

When Is It Time To Serve The Champagne At A Dinner Party?

Champagne isn't just for special occasions. In fact, it can be consumed by a solo person when they need a little bubbly. For many people who throw dinner parties, the go-to drink is wine rather than champagne. When you want to serve something a little different at your dinner party, there are an array of champagnes you can turn to. As a host, you have the responsibility of making sure everyone is happy. Read More 

Ways To Liven Up Your Recipes With Fresh Goat Cheese

Are you a cheese lover who is bored with the most common cheeses available in your area? Do you find yourself wishing that you knew how to introduce new and exciting cheese to your family? If you are looking for ways to make meals more interesting with fresh goat cheese, try these ideas: New cheese in favorite foods: If your children are a bit picky, try introducing the fresh goat cheese in dishes that are familiar to them. Read More